Audio Design Recording (ADR) first joined the music scene in San Diego, California in 2002. ADR is an analog and digital recording studio in beautiful San Diego, CA. Located near San Diego State University, ADR offers professional recording services using the finest vintage and modern technology in the industry. Our prized vintage 1975 API 2488 recording console, Ampex MM1200 24 Track 2″, Studer A80 16 track 2”, 1958 EMT 140 plate reverb, eclectic microphone collection, and an extremely impressive selection of vintage amplifiers, drum kits, organs, keys and guitars have proven themselves to be valuable assets to the recording process. A collection of this caliber is what you will find in some of the world’s most renowned recording studios. ADR’s facility is 1000 sq/ft with 12 foot ceilings, 2 isolation booths, central air conditioning and has had years of acoustical treatment and tuning. Our convertible main tracking room is ideal for creating unique sounds. In addition, our centrally located studio brings with it a diverse selection of dinning, lodging, nightlife and many other amenities to make your recording experience as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Audio Design Recording is managed and owned by musicians. We pride ourselves in offering the total recording experience and want to make sure each album produced is up to personal and industry standards.

To enjoy a virtual tour of the studio, please CLICK HERE.

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Please check out the rest of the web site and feel free to contact us anytime.
PHONE: 858-405-6242

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API 2488 1975


Genelec 1038B
Genelec 8050A



Ampex MM1200 24 track 2” 1976
Studer A80 2” 16 Track MK1 1970
Studer A80 1/2′′ 2 Track MK2 1972


Apple 12 core Mac
Avid Pro Tools HD Native
Orion 32



Bock Audio 251 ELUX
Bock Audio 407
Neumann U67 1964
Neumann U47 fet 1970
Neumann U87 1971
Soundelux E47
Soundelux E49 (2)
Wunder Audio CM7 GTS (2)


Altec M-30
Altec 195
Neumann KM54 (2) 1956 stereo matched pair
Neumann KM56 1960
Neumann KM85i (2) 1973


Coles 4038(2)
Royer R122(2)
Beyerdynamic M160(2)


AKG D112
EV RE-20
Sennheiser 421 (4)
Shure SM58 (4)
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM57 Transformerless
Shure SM57 with Tab-Funkenwerk Transformer
Shure SM7
Shure Beta 52


API 528 (24)
Aurora Audio GTQ2
Avalon U5 DI
Electrodyne 501(2)
Electrodyne M100(6)
Langevin AM16 (8)
Helios Type 69(2)
Universal Audio 2-610


AML EQP1 (2)
API 550A (4)
API 550B (20)
Sphere 920 EQ (2)


API 527 (2)
API 525 (2) 1975
Aurora Audio GTC2
DBX 165 (2)
Drip Fairchild 670 Coming Soon
Drip LA2A
Empirical Labs Distressor
Manely Vari-Mu
Smart Research C2
UREI 1176 (2)


EMT 140 Stereo Solid State Plate Reverb 1958
Orban 111b Spring Reverb
Maestro EP3 Echoplex (2)
Roland space echo 201
Roland chorus echo 301
Fender reverb tank



1964 Danelectro Convertible
1948 Gibson BR-9 Lapsteel
1955 Gibson Les Paul Jr
1961 Gibson ES125 TDC
1965 Gibson ES175D
1965 Gibson Firebird Non Reverse
1969 Gibson SG
1973 Gibson Goldtop Deluxe
2009 Gibson Les Paul VOS R8
1968 Fender Telecaster
1966 Fender Jaguar
1973 Fender Stratocaster


1961 Gibson LG-1
1937 Martin 0-17
1944 Martin 0-18 scallop braced
1944 Martin 00-18 scallop braced
1957 Martin 000-21
1932 Nation Trillion


1967 Hofner 500/1 Beattle Bass
1975 Fender P Bass


1960’s AceTone Duetto
1960’s AceTone 101
1960’s AceTone 301
1949 Alamo Model 3
1962 Ampeg Reverbojet 1X12”
1963 Ampeg B15 1X12”
1968 Ampeg SVT 8X10”
1972 Ampeg V4B Head
1964 Fender Super Reverb 4X10”
1965 Fender Champ 1X8”
1965 Fender Bassman Head
1965 Fender Concert 4X10′′
1966 Fender Showman Head
1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb
1973 Fender Princeton Reverb
1982 Fender Concert 1X12”
1993 Fender Vibroking 3X10” Custom Shop
1993 Fender Vibroking 2X12” Extension Cabinet
2008 Fender ’57 Twin Tweed Custom Shop
1968 Marshall Plexi 50W Tremolo Head w/1959 circuitry
1971 Marshall
4×12′′ 25W
1971 Marshall 8×10′′ 12W
1966 Silvertone 1481 1X8”
1965 Silvertone Twin 12
1968 Traynor YBA-1 Head
1960’s Univox U-45B Tweed
1964 VOX AC10 Twin JMI 2X10”
1965 VOX AC30 JMI 2X12”


1962 Camco Silver Sparkle Aristocrat Lug 12”,16”,20”,22”
1964 Camco Gold Flame Aristocrat Lug 12”,14”,20”
1965 Camco Gold Sparkle Tuxedo Lug 12”,14”,20”
1971 Camco Natural Aristaocrat Lug 12”,13”,16”,24”
1977 Camco AC Blue Aristocrat Lug 12”,13”,16”,22”
2008 Drum Workshop Waterfall Bubinga 10”,12”,14”,15” 18”,20”
1996 GMS Black Maple 10”,12”,16” 20”,22”
2003 GMS Piano Black SE 10”,14” 18”
1969 Ludwig Brown Thermal Gloss 26”,18”,16”,13”
1971 Ludwig WMP 8”,10”,12”,13”,14”,16”, 18”,20”,22”
1964 Rogers DuCo Blue Luxor 12”,15”,20”
1977 Slingerland WMP 13”, 16”, 24”
1957 WFL DuCo Brown 13”,22”
2000 Yamaha Maple Custom Natural 10”,12”,14”,15′′,16” 18”,20”,24′′


1962 Camco Silver Sparkle Aristocrat Lug 5.5”x14”
1963 Camco Duco Blue Tuxedo Lug 5X14”
1964 Camco Gold Flame Aristocrat Lug 5”x14”
1964 Camco Gold Sparkle Tuxedo Lug 5X14”
1965 Camco Super 99 5”x14”
1973 Camco Chrome Model 701M Aristocrat 8 Lug 5”x14”
1973 Camco Natural Model 453 Aristocrat 10 Lug 6.5”x14”
1974 Camco Chrome Model 712M Aristocrat 10 Lug 6.5”x14”
1977 Camco AC Blue Model 450 Aristocrat 8 Lug 5”x14”
2001 Drum Workshop Craviato Sunburst 6.5”x14”
2008 Drum Workshop Waterfall Bubinga 5”x14”
1958 Geo.Way Drums Red Sparkle Model 452 6.5”x14”
1994 GMS Amber 5”x14”
1995 GMS Red 5”x14”
2003 GMS Piano Black SE 6”x13”1964 Rogers DuCo Blue Luxor 5×14”
1966 Ludwig Chrome LM400 5”x14”
1972 Ludwig Chrome LM4002 6.5”x14”
1974 Ludwig Acrolite 5”x14”
2013 Ludwig Black Chrome LB416 5”x14”
2013 Ludwig Black Chrome LB417 6.5”x14”
1938 Slingerland WMP Radio King Krupa Model 6.5”x14”
1948 Slingerland WMP Radio King 5”x14” Clam Shell
1966 Slingerland WMP 5”X14”
1971 Slingerland COB 6.5”x14”
1957 WFL DuCo Brown 3 ply 5”x14”
2000 Yamaha Maple Custom Natural 5”x14”


1954 Hammond B2 With Percusion
1966 Hammond A100
1955 Leslie 21H
1964 Leslie 145 With 122 Amp
1965 Leslie 122
1968 Farfisa Duo Compact Organ
1976 Wurlitzer 200A
1972 Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase
1952 Degean Concert Vibraphone Lyle Hampton Model
1960’S Leslie 12” Speaker Cab
**all backline is subject to availability**

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ADR’s facility is 1000 sq/ft with 12 foot ceilings, 2 isolation booths, central air conditioning and has been acoustically treated and tuned.
Many have stated that our studio has one of the best sounding “drum rooms” in San Diego. Please click below and enjoy a virtual tour of the studio.

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Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe
Sacri Monti
Gilbert Castellanos
The Midnight Pine
Creature And The Woods
The Heavy Guilt
Rebecca Jade And The Cold Fact
Dani Bell And The Tarantist
The Earful
Andy Holmes
The Aggrolites
Erik Canzona And The Narrows
Ian Tordella
Jimmy Ruelas
Mrs Magician
Platypus Egg

The Soul Beacons
The Western Collective
Wicked Tongues
Wild Honey
Apple Brown
Birdy Bardot
Di Nigunim
The Thiefs Lineage
The Verigolds
2nd Street Rag Stompers
The Ascent Of Everest
Erika Davies
We All Inherit The Moon
Primitive Noyes
The Jimmy Lewis Band
Martian Horses
Brian O’Neil

Weather Box
Rocket From The Crypt
The Damned
The Night Marchers
Carolann Ames
Joanie Mendehall
Berkley Hart
Shake Before Us
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake
Republic Of Letters
Gayle Skidmore
The Styletones
The Gods of Science
Moon Eater
Small Talk
Pruitt Igoe
Genius Of soul
The BusBoys

Emery Bird
Ezekial Jay Parnow
Years Around The Sun
The Locust
No Knife
Deep Sea Thunder Beast
Age of Collapse
Crime Desire
Tom Grrrl
Bloody Hollies
Head Wound City
Cattle Decapitation
Some Girls
Find Him and Kill Him
Man Vs Man
Di Nigunim
Mother Speed

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Audio Design Recording has a diverse staff of local producers and engineers. We can provide staff to meet any of your recording needs. From local heroes to people with major label credentials, we are well equipped to handle any genre. From funk to rock to punk and metal, we record every type of music. Here are some producer / engineers who frequent Audio Design Recording:

Jordan Andreen

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Earthless, Joy, Sacri Monti, Artifact, Arctic, Babylon, Gilbert Castellanos, The Midnight Pine, Creature And The Woods, The Heavy Guilt, Rebecca Jade And The Cold Fact, Dani Bell And The Tarantist, The Earful, The Earful, Andy Holmes, The Aggrolites, Erik Canzona And The Narrows, Ian Tordella, Jimmy Ruelas, Mrs Magician, Pocket, The Soul Beacons, The Western Collective, Wicked Tongues, Wild Honey, Apple Brown, Birdy Bardot, Dela, Di Nigunim, The Thiefs Lineage, Leperton, The Verigolds, 2nd Street Rag Stompers, The Ascent Of Everest, Erika Davies, Eskera, We All Inherit The Moon, Nothingful, Crowmeat, Primitive Noyes, The Jimmy Lewis Band, Martian Horses

Ben Moore

Rocket From The Crypt, The Damned, The Night Marchers, Carolann Ames, Joanie Mendehall, Berkley Hart, Shake Before Us, Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake, Superunloader, Republic Of Letters,  Gayle Skidmore, The Styletones, Retox, Finch, Counterfit, The Gods Of Science, Moon Eater, Small Talk, Pruitt Igoe, Genius Of Soul, Emery Bird, Yovee, Ezekial Jay Parnow, Years Around The Sun, Weather Box

Dan Maier

The Locust, No Knife, Cattle Decapitation, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Age of Collapse, Weather Box, Crime Desire, Bridgejumper, Tom Grrrl, Bloody Hollies, Head Wound City, Some Girls, Find Him and Kill Him

Adam Wollach

TrashAxis ,  Man Vs Man, Di Nigunim, Fermentor, Beekeeper, Mother Speed, Platypus Egg, Grammy nominee, Brian O’Neil , The BusBoys

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Contact Us & Rates


Studio Lock: $300/10 hours
Studio Rental w/ Engineer: Please call 858-405-6242


Audio Design Recording welcomes freelance engineers and studio savvy musicians. Call anytime to schedule a tour. We can provide a house engineer to assist.


Payment is due in full before any masters or mixes are handed over.
Studio lock outs of more than 2 days requires a 50% deposit two weeks prior to the first day.
For Pro Tools sessions, clients are required to bring their own external hard drive.
Credit Cards accepted through Paypal with a 3% fee.


Audio Design Recording has an internship positions available. Please contact  Jordan CLICK HERE.


Phone: 858-405-6242

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